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ClientTrack represents one of the leading case management software solutions in the United States, helping health and human services organizations track, manage, and report on populations with complex needs. ClientTrack’s versatility and flexibility enable Eccovia to assist our partners in promoting the health and wellbeing of people with a wide variety of needs, from homelessness and refugee assistance programs to child welfare and food delivery organizations, from statewide government implementations to small, community nonprofit agencies.

What Sets Us Apart

ClientTrack helps manage tasks for case managers by gathering all their tasks into a single place and organizing them so that case managers are never lost—on any given day, they can see what they need to work on, what tasks are due that month, and so forth.

ClientTrack facilitates capturing client consent with electronic signatures. ClientTrack features touchscreen integration capable of capturing e-signatures using a mouse, touchscreen, or a Topaz signature pad.

Deduplication measures are built right into our client intake workflows. The system searches for similar sounding names that may have been spelled differently (e.g. Jon and John), which can minimize the impact of typos and other errors made by the end users.

ClientTrack case notes go beyond simply taking notes—they can take a variety of formats and incorporate a range of information, including medical history, employment, education, financial, housing situation, and more, guarded by tight security protocols to protect sensitive information. With ClientTrack, you can even link your case notes with services in one convenient, time-saving space. Further, case managers can track their time, so your organization can report on the case managers’ time spent.

Leading Social Determinants of Health Software
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