We Are Eccovia

From our humble beginnings as DSI in 1983, Eccovia transitioned into a leading provider of case management and data warehousing software. Today, we build on a foundation of over 20 years serving our communities.

Our Purpose

We drive innovation in technology supporting the vulnerable people in our communities.

Our Vision

We will lead the growth and innovation of care coordination platforms at the heart of the convergence and evolution of health and human services.

Our Mission

We provide health and social services agencies with technologies and actionable data to better serve their communities.

What’s in a name?


Who is Eccovia

Eccovia is a software and services company that provides innovative case management and data analytics solutions to health and human services providers. While our clients serve a variety of needs, they all share one thing in common: people. We support organizations ranging from healthcare and behavioral health to homeless management and refugee resettlement. By helping our partners coordinate and integrate with both public and private organizations across every segment of HHS, our services ensure that people are at the center of their own care.

Eccovia's Mission Statement
and Values

Eccovia aims to be the clear vendor of choice in the Health & Human and Social Services community and demonstrates our expertise through client referrals, peer validation, and continued growth in the market. We provide unlimited opportunities to people in “helping organizations” so that they can be more successful in accomplishing their goals. We are continually improving our products, services, and effectiveness.

Change is Constant

“Change and uncertainty disproportionately threaten the most vulnerable in our communities, and through change and innovation, we can be part of a sustainable, long-term solution to these problems.”

— Carl Champagne, Eccovia CEO

Carl Champagne

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Under Carl’s leadership, spanning more than 20 years, the company has seen remarkable change and growth as we have established our voice and our place as a leading provider of case management software in the field of Health and Human Services.

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