Bridging the Gap between Public Safety and Social Services

ClientTrack® provides your community with a solution that supports the work of officers and co-responders in a single comprehensive platform. The solution captures the full work output of each call, provides case management for behavioral and mental health, and more. With ClientTrack, the process for referring individuals to needed services is faster, easier, and simpler to track to make sure that people don’t fall through the cracks.

Our solution serves as the perfect complement—not replacement—for Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems. ClientTrack integrates with your existing system and enables communication in real time between public safety and social services systems, forming the foundation of functional and effective collaboration between public safety and social services.

Community Response: Incidents, Assessments, and Case Management

A Solution to Your Unique Situation

The ClientTrack platform offers crucial functionality that enables live assessments, incident tracking, case management, mental and behavioral health assessments,
and reporting.

Our solution combines flexibility with a fully-realized, feature-rich baseline. ClientTrack is both purpose-built to meet your needs now and to adapt to your future needs without costly customization.

co-responder live assessments

Live Assessments: The cloud-based application allows you to capture live assessments in the field on any device, even mobile devices.

co-responder incident tracking

Incident Tracking: ClientTrack’s incident tracking capabilities help you keep a record of an individual’s history and paint a better picture of needs and potential obstacles.

co-responder case management

Case Management: Help individuals achieve better outcomes through comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant case management system.

co-responder mental health

Mental Health Assessments: ClientTrack’s assessments, including PHQ-9 and Aces, facilitate quick capture of an individual’s mental and behavioral health.

co-responder reporting

Reporting: ClientTrack’s reporting suite makes data easily accessible for officers and co-responders (i.e., community response teams, social workers, and other emergency services).

Co-Responder Solution in Action

When a person is experiencing a mental health crisis or other incident requiring emergency response, a police department that has integrated their CAD system with ClientTrack can share data between the different participating crisis response organizations or providers.

ClientTrack provides incident tracking so the interaction can be recorded and tracked by incident, not just by the individual’s record. An individual experiencing a crisis can then be referred to community responders and quickly receive needed assistance. With ClientTrack, communities are better equipped to protect public safety, prevent further incidents, and increase the chances that people experiencing crises receive the help they need.

Compliance and Data Security, Simplified

ClientTrack provides state-of-the-art security and data privacy, providing protection for those who need it most.

ClientTrack enables organizations to restrict access to data by role. This role-based access enables compliance with HIPAA’s minimum necessary rule, ensuring that nobody has access to sensitive data who shouldn’t.

For all our applications, Eccovia uses the Azure SOC-II compliant platform. We adhere to HIPAA, CFR 42.2, and HITECH Act standards as part of all code development and data protection standards, offering a solution built for compliance from the ground up.

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