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Our ClientTrack HMIS Administrator Services bring efficiency and turn-key ease to managing your HMIS platform, allowing you to focus on your community the way you want to.

Get the Support You Need from Eccovia Administrators

It takes a lot of time, resources, and technical knowledge to run an HMIS platform and maintain compliance with HUD. For many HMIS agencies, that combination imposes a huge burden and can be an obstacle to providing timely, effective services. HMIS Administrator Services for ClientTrack users brings efficiency and turn-key ease to managing your HMIS so you can better take care of your community. Our HMIS team has over 10 years as ClientTrack HMIS administrators, giving you a knowledgeable partner who can help with compliance, advise on effective HMIS policy, and administer day-to-day system operations.
“I have complete confidence in the ClientTrack Administrator Services team. I can’t know everything and so I rely on the knowledge they bring and look to them to respond to questions or address issues.”

Jeanette Pollock
Special Projects Manager
Georgia Department of Community Affairs

HMIS Administrator Services include:

Federally-Required Reporting

We work with you to prepare and submit PIT, HIC, AHAR, and System Performance Measures, as well as help you resolve data quality issues. We can also coordinate with your CoC’s PIT/HIC efforts to generate point-in-time data for the annual CoC NOFA submission, ensuring your data is where you need it, when you need it.
HMIS Administrator Collaboration Report Coordination
HMIS Administrator Training

Communication, Training, and Problem-Solving

Communication breakdown is all too common and leads to delays, frustration, and wasted resources. With Administrator Services, we bring everyone together in a coordinated way by:
  • Communicating new requirements and federal HMIS guidance to CoCs and end users;
  • Facilitating communication between CoC lead, HMIS lead, ClientTrack end users, and Eccovia staff;
  • Providing end user support and basic configuration;
  • Providing adjustments for configured forms, workflows, and workgroups, as well as researching solutions to problems that may arise; and,
  • Training end users on HMIS compliant data entry and reporting in accordance with CoC guidelines and policies.

All Things HMIS and Compliance

HMIS Setup Review

With HMIS Administrator Services by Eccovia, you have an HMIS expert dedicated to solving your organization’s problems. They can help you manage existing or set up new organizations and projects, implement and enforce policies (i.e., data quality, privacy, and security), make recommendations for policy updates based on current HMIS standards, and help you take full advantage of your ClientTrack system’s capabilities. We also provide HMIS consultation services to ensure your set-up conforms to required standards.
HMIS Administrator Data
HMIS Administrator Services
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