The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has decided on a case that promises to have some of the most profound consequences on homeless service providers yet. In this […]

The relationship between law enforcement and people experiencing behavioral crises or homelessness can be tense, sometimes escalating to the use of force and leaving root causes unaddressed. However, communities across […]

Veteran’s Day is a time to honor all those who have served our country in any of the armed forces. But too often, veterans lack support and resources and tend […]

Climate change is affecting human life economically and sociopolitically, and vulnerable populations often have little recourse to protect themselves from the elements. How should communities and homeless services agencies react […]

The Continuum of Care Program provides social services to homeless populations, but what is it, exactly? How do continuums of care work? Learn more in this blog. Usually when people […]

New NOFOs, new resources, and new studies: There’s been a lot of new developments for continuums of care (CoC) over at HUD, and we’re here to show you the highlights […]

Do predictive analytics and AI have something to offer social service organizations? In this blog, we explore current and future implementations of AI and machine learning in social service delivery. […]

What's the difference between sheltered and unsheltered homelessness? What is the most common form of homelessness? Is couch surfing considered homelessness? Each of these questions and more are critical in understanding what we mean when we say a person is "experiencing homelessness".

Can homeless services utilize health data? The answer is yes—but only if they follow strict rules put forth by HUD and HIPAA for HMIS. Check out what these rules entail and what benefits come from following them. 

When summer comes, so do rising temperatures and blistering heat. For people experiencing homelessness, this change can be dangerous—even deadly. How can homeless services best prepare for the coming summer?

As winter temperatures drop, those experiencing homelessness are in need now more than ever for help from our communities.

Knowing the state of mental health among unhoused individuals is the first step in better advocating for change. Consider how mental health plays a role in issues surrounding homelessness, and how your organization can begin to work towards eradicating adverse mental health in your communities.

HMIS is a buzzword in the realm of homelessness agencies. But what does it exactly mean? And why is it important? In this blog post, we explore the specifics of HMIS and how a powerful case management solution can improve data, analysis, and services provided.

In an earlier blog from 2019, we outlined HMIS Data Standards and how they were changing. Now the changes have been made and it is time to reflect.

Health and housing are inextricably linked. In fact, according to Dr. Derek Robinson, chief medical officer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, the average life expectancy of America’s […]

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