Powerful, Comprehensive

Case Management

ClientTrack’s comprehensive case management platform gives you everything you need to improve the client experience from intake to exit, achieve improved outcomes, and reduce costs. ClientTrack is flexible and adaptable, capable of handling virtually any case management needs.

Intelligent Case Management

ClientTrack balances off-the-shelf ease of use with powerful flexibility and configurability. We make sure you’re able to hit the ground running on day one, armed with the tools to modify your system as needed. Our 100% mobile responsive app, equipped with Single Sign-on (SSO) and full 508 compliance, gives you easy access to the full ClientTrack experience however and wherever you need to access it.
Client Track: Case Management Workflow
Case Management 101

Case Management

Case management spans many situations, needs, and environments, but these share many common key considerations and best practices. In this explainer, we’ll show how ClientTrack® is a case management platform that facilitates efficiency, regulatory compliance, and great reporting for any case management need.


care coordination

Break down the barriers separating data silos and impeding whole person care with a single source of truth linking all providers and matching clients to needed services.

logic-driven workflows

Let our responsive workflows do the heavy lifting for you, capturing the data you need and populating the forms with the correct fields based on the data you input.

goals and planning

Build meaningful care plans, set goals, and set your clients up for success. Receive updates and feedback letting you know that your clients actually receive the care they need in our closed-loop referral process.

reporting and analytics

Save time and stress with compliant push-button reporting and ad hoc query tools that let you build custom reports on the fly—no special technical knowledge required.

compliance simplified

Our team is ready to share our expertise with you and help simplify HMIS Administrative Services, advise on best practices, and assist in compliance.

integration and migration

ClientTrack’s REST API allows for real-time data integration and enormous data ingestion, with controls for data deduplication, quality checking, and HUD CSV file import and export.

Keeping You Ahead of the Curve

With ClientTrack, you’ll never need to settle for less than what you’re capable of.

The ClientTrack case management platform goes above and beyond simply meeting compliance requirements. It can be as small and simple or as large and complex as you need, capable of adapting and growing beyond baseline to meet your needs with in-app design tools that enable you to add functionality, processes, forms, and more.

Designer Toolset

ClientTrack puts you in the driver’s seat with the in-app Designer Toolset, which gives you the power to add functionality and features without the need for costly custom code or change orders. As your needs change, your ClientTrack platform can change right along with you.
Designer Toolset

Your platform in your own hands

Our Designer Toolset allows you to modify or create new …
  • Forms
  • Workflows
  • Dashboards
  • Overlays
  • Eligibility rulesets
  • Charts
  • Reports
  • Queries
  • And more!

Versatile Case Management for
Any Need

ClientTrack’s flexibility and power enable us to help providers in many different areas of Health and Human Services, including:

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"The reports that can be generated based on the data entered are excellent… Complicated information for fiscal reports involving multiple query fields that would have taken me hours by hand could be generated in just a few minutes."
"ClientTrack comes with many useful features out of the box. However, what sets CT apart from other software that we've used is its flexibility."
"My overall experience with ClientTrack has been very positive and has helped me do my tasks better now that I have everything in one place!"

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