Designer Toolset

Add value—not cost—without having to code.

Let Your Solution Grow With You

ClientTrack’s Designer Toolset is designed for administrators to configure their solution without coding. As organization and regulation needs change, administrators can easily adapt their ClientTrack solution with this toolset, which gives them the power to add functionality and features.As your needs change, ClientTrack will change right along with you.
ClientTrack’s Designer Toolset

Modify and Scale Your
Solution—Coding Optional!

ClientTracks Designer Toolset Functionality

Don’t Let Your Solution Limit You

With the Designer Toolset, you don’t have to curb your ambitions for new programs and workflows. Where other case management software often requires an expensive change order to modify functionality, ClientTrack’s Designer Toolset gives you the ability to modify and scale your solution yourself.

Maximize Your Flexibility and Scalability

The Designer Toolset lets you modify nearly every part of your solution. Some of the Designer Toolset’s robust features include:
  • Add or modify existing forms, form fields, multi-step processes like client intake/exit to capture any data points you need;
  • Define user role-based user workgroups and decide what functionality, features, and data each workgroup has access to; and,
  • Add or adjust the rules that determine a client’s eligibility for different services, and develop custom reports that can account for any data points.
Maximize Your Solution’s Flexibility and Scalability
Data Toolset Helping You Every Step of the Way

Helping You Every Step of the Way

Eccovia can provide training and guidance to help get your authorized administrators up and running with the Designer Toolset. We’ll help them attain the knowledge necessary to use the toolset, so when you need to scale up or add functionality, you’ll have everything you need.

With the Designer Toolset, you can really, fully own your solution.
Designer Toolset
Download the Designer Toolset data sheet to
learn about what each design tool has to offer.

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