Our Leadership

From our humble beginnings as DSI in 1983, Eccovia transitioned into a leading provider of case management and data warehousing software. Today, we build on a foundation of over 20 years serving our communities.

Our Purpose

We drive innovation in technology supporting the vulnerable people in our communities.

Our Vision

We will lead the growth and innovation of care coordination platforms at the heart of the convergence and evolution of health and human services.

Our Mission

We provide health and social services agencies with technologies and actionable data to better serve their communities.

Under Carl’s leadership, spanning more than 20 years, the company has seen remarkable change and growth as we have established our voice and our place as a leading provider of case management software in the field of health and human services.

Steve has spent the last 25 years in technology and enterprise software development in a variety of key technical and leadership roles. A lifelong resident of the Salt Lake valley, Steve enjoys cars (he is partial to American muscle), playing the guitar, and spending time with his family.

Paul has over 10 years of leadership experience with over 20 years of experience with software and data science applications. He’s passionate about using technology to inform decision making and improve the lives of others. In his free time, Paul enjoys cycling the trails of Utah.

Tim has been involved in technical professional services and delivery for the past 23 years both as an individual contributor and in various leadership roles. Tim loves to travel both domestically and internationally. He has lived primarily in the Western US surrounded by mountains.

Jesse has over 12 years of accounting and finance experience, with 7 years in the SaaS industry.  Family will always be his biggest priority, so most of his time outside of work is spent enjoying his four kids and loved ones.  Whenever he finds some spare time, he enjoys tinkering in his wood shop, staying active, or exploring the wilderness wherever he can.  And food.  All kinds of food.

Hugh is a hands-on architect who has been working on enterprise software and applications for more than 20 years. Hugh loves to solve challenging problems and build solutions with high business values. Outside of work, Hugh is passionate about skiing and playing soccer.

David’s passion is incorporating technology in social services delivery. With more than a decade in technology and government, David has an in-depth understanding of the role that tech plays in effective community planning, resource allocation, and in meeting the needs of vulnerable populations. He’s happiest when he’s finding innovative ways to address society’s most intractable problems. In his free time, he volunteers at local animal shelters and fosters cats.

Norm has been with Eccovia for over 12 years as a client success manager and a sales leader. More than anything, he loves to find creative solutions to the challenges that Eccovia’s clients come up against. In his personal time, Norm loves spending time with his wife, three kids, four cats, and two dogs, and tinkering in his workshop.

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