Updates to the LSA Report: ClientTrack


Previously aired on: November 16, 2023
Reporting season is upon us, and we at Eccovia keep our products and processes up to date as HUD changes its requirements. To that end, we’re hosting a webinar to keep you informed on all changes happening to the Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) report that HUD requires. We will be joined by our Product team to help you understand the changes, what you can do, and what to expect in your ClientTrack environment.

Learning Objectives

  • LSA Overview
    • What the LSA is, and how to run it
    • Timeline for this year’s LSA season
  • Updates and Changes from 2022 to 2023
    • Progress in ClientTrack from previous years’ LSAs
    • HUD updates for specifications
  • Errors and Warning Flags
    • Where to upload errors and warning flags
    • How to correct the errors and warning flags
    • Support plan from Eccovia
  • Communication Plan
    • How Eccovia will keep you up to date with known issues
    • Knowledge base articles
  • Q&A
If you’re an HMIS-involved organization, you won’t want to miss this webinar! Register now to reserve your spot!


Jessica Fleming
Jessica Fleming
Product Analyst, Eccovia
Christopher Smith
Database Engineer, Eccovia
Bryce Peterson
Marketing Communications Manager, Eccovia


Jessica Fleming
Jessica is a product analyst for Eccovia, and she leads the development of HMIS solutions within ClientTrack and assists in implementing more streamlined HMIS processes. She also helps improve case management and better coordinate care at the community levels. She holds a BA degree from Duquesne University and enjoys working at Eccovia because of the widespread impact of streamlining HMIS processes for CoCs across the country. Jessica has worked closely with HMIS for more than 7 years in various roles, including data quality, programmatic monitoring, federal reporting, coordinated entry planning, and as the organizational representative for a data analysis committee.
Christopher Smith
Chris currently serves as a database engineer at Eccovia, with 6 years’ experience throughout various engineering capacities, including technical support, implementation, platform implementation, and interoperability. Chris holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Utah Valley University.
Bryce Peterson
Bryce is the marketing communications manager for Eccovia, where he helps guide Eccovia’s public messaging and informational content. He holds a BFA degree from Brigham Young University and enjoys working at an organization that supports the cause of health and human services. Bryce has worked as a writer, editor, and content strategist across many industries.