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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence ClientInsight

ClientInsight is Eccovia’s data warehouse and business intelligence platform, bringing AI-driven data cleansing and data quality-checking, big data analysis, automatic error finding and alerts, and more into a data warehouse environment. Learn about critical Data Warehouses Basic Concepts.

Better Data Leads to Better Decisions

ClientInsight employs automated processes and the capacity of Power BI to give you improved data quality, reduce your costs, and improve efficiency. Together with powerful security measures that protect client privacy, ClientInsight helps you see the stories in your data. ClientInsight leverages powerful, AI-driven data quality-checking technology and provides data ingestion from multiple sources (e.g. API, SFTP), advanced data analytics, and more to enable cutting-edge, next-generation business intelligence.


Data Warehouse

data warehouse

ClientInsight was built to serve communities with multiple data sources. The extensible architecture of ClientInsight can integrate data sources such as HMIS, electronic health records (EHR), and many others. The ClientInsight platform provides an end-to-end solution for ingesting large datasets, processing data in a customizable pipeline, as well as client deduplication and matching within and across data from all source systems. Additional security measures separate personally identifiable information (PII) into a more secure database while storing de-identified data into the data warehouse.
Data Quality Alerts and Reports

data quality
alerts and reports

ClientInsight helps you identify data quality issues the day they become a problem, not months later. During data ingestion, the system will run data quality checks based on the latest HUD CSV export specifications, scanning the data for violations. If the violation rate exceeds a predetermined threshold, ingestion is halted and the system sends an alert to system administrators. After ingestion, ClientInsight continues to perform data quality scans to identify any additional issues, using statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques.
Client Deduplication

client deduplication

Save yourself hours of effort with ClientInsight’s intelligent, AI-enhanced client deduplication. When you aggregate client data from multiple sources, one of the biggest issues is duplicated client data, inflating the administrative burden and skewing the numbers of reports. ClientInsight uses a state-of-the-art machine learning library to perform dynamic probabilistic matching and overcome systematic biases, letting you train the system to do the most tedious work for you.
System Performance Reports

system performance

Watch the impact of your programs unfold in real time. ClientInsight’s System Performance Reports allow you to review each program’s progress and effectiveness. You can see how long clients are enrolled in each program, broken down by CoC, organization, and project type, to measure how well each project is performing. With real-time data, these reports enable you to spot areas of opportunity and watch progress as it occurs.

Need a refresher?

Check out our Data Warehouse Glossary to get up to speed.
Data Warehouse - Glossary

More Results; Less Busy Work!

Automated Data Cleansing

Automation saves you time and money! Our data quality cleansing and client deduplication process can run with minimal input from you; our AI-driven process lets you train the system to identify client matches with a predetermined threshold of confidence. You can set it to run in the background while you focus on other work.

Analysis and Privacy

Client data is deidentified so you can analyze and publicly report on your data without ever jeopardizing the privacy of your clients. PII data is stored in a separate database guarded by extra security protections.
Actionable Data Insights

Actionable Data Insights

ClientInsight lets you tease out the stories hidden in your raw data, giving you and your stakeholders actionable insights in ways that just aren’t possible with other data warehousing solutions. Leveraging Power BI, you can visualize your data in limitless ways.

Program Performance Analysis

Analyze how long clients are enrolled in programs and the break down by geospatial region, organization, and project type to measure how well each project is doing.

Program Performance Analysis
Unparalleled Reporting Power

Unparalleled Reporting Power

Our semantic data model lets you build and save report types that do the hard work for you. Our reports are highly interactive, allowing drill-down and drill-through, and ClientInsight allows you to create unique dashboards for programs, organizations, and even individual users.

Bringing It All Together

A single source of truth will help bring together disparate agencies and providers to form true community care coordination. But that’s just the beginning! Learn about Coordinated Entry Best Practices to give your community the best chance at success.
coordinated entry next step assessment

Thinking of Building Your Own Data Warehouse?

There are four key pitfalls you should look out for when building your own data warehouse. After all, this isn’t your average DIY project. It requires resources, personnel, time, and—what else?—money.

Data Warehousing for Social Services

For a deeper dive into how data warehousing can help improve outcomes and optimize your organization’s effectiveness, download our white paper.
Data Warehousing for Social Services

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