HIPAA Compliance Policy & Plan

Eccovia is Committed to HIPAA Compliance and Data Privacy

ClientTrack Puts Client Consent at the Center of Access

Health and social services organizations must safeguard their clients’ personal identifying information (PII). No matter whether you assist those experiencing homelessness, provide critical services to refugees, or serve any other at-risk population, ClientTrack helps you ensure your data remains secure and private, in accordance with HIPAA and other relevant requirements.
Client Consent

Data Privacy and Security Are the Foundation Our Software Is Built On

Hosted in Microsoft Azure for Maximum Security

ClientTrack is hosted in Microsoft Azure, providing the highest possible levels of security and compliance. All data is encrypted and protected with multiple levels of data security in accordance with HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2. All new features are built with HIPAA compliance and data privacy in mind, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Our HIPAA-Compliant Solution

We built ClientTrack to provide maximum privacy and security for our clients. ClientTrack gives you everything you need to protect your clients’ information, with a role-based security model that allows your organization to ensure that only those authorized individuals who must access client data will be able to see it.
Our HIPAA Compliant Solution
Data Policies

Eccovia Data Policies Are Built on Compliance

Eccovia works tirelessly to keep your data safe. We consider all client data confidential and employ a minimum necessary rule that prevents anyone from viewing your data unless absolutely necessary, and then only by specially authorized individuals. All employees receive annual HIPAA training, and our security measures are reviewed annually and with every new updated that may impact security. In the event of a possible incident, all Eccovia employees are required to immediately report the situation to our data security coordinator, who will investigate, respond, and notify all parties as may be prudent or required by law.
HIPAA Compliance Policy and Plan
Check out our data sheet outlining
Eccovia’s policy and plan for HIPAA compliance.

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