Our experts identify and track the critical needs of your communities, focusing on outcomes and supporting your team. Let us configure your system, train your team, or improve your processes so you can focus more on what matters most—your clients.

Platform Services

Is your admin bogged down with password resets? What about training new users, compliance, and ensuring data quality? That’s why we offer Platform Services, an engagement with our administrative team that gives you a turnkey admin who can help you update your forms and workflows and provide basic system administration:

  • Adding, removing, and training users
  • Generating reports
  • Starting new workflows
  • Resetting passwords
  • Supporting community members
  • Resolving issues

HMIS Admin Services

HMIS Admin Services are geared toward any homeless management information system (HMIS) wanting to take full advantage of all that ClientTrack has to offer. This engagement overlaps with Platform Services but is specific to HMIS needs, including:

  • Generating HUD reports
  • Improving intake process
  • Ensuring data quality

Advanced Professional Services

As your organization evolves, ClientTrack can evolve with you. When you need complex customizations and changes to your ClientTrack environment, look no further. This engagement includes:

  • Preparing stored procedures
  • Querying advanced reports

Custom Training

Need some a-la-carte training specific to your organization’s needs? We can fill all the gaps and show you how to use every tool and feature of ClientTrack, no matter how advanced. Whether you need advanced training for your admin or a specific seminar for end users, our admins can help your organization learn how to:

  • Perform basic functions
  • Generate basic and advanced reports
  • Comply with all federal standards, no matter the service you provide

Your success is how we measure our success.

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