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Eccovia Solutions’ ClientTrack is a leading case management and care coordination platform for health and human services involving social determinants of health that serves hundreds of nonprofits, for-profit organizations, and government agencies across the United States.

As COVID-19 has fundamentally impacted local and state economies, there is a dire need for seamlessly integrated and harmonized systems centering on homeless management, food security, transportation services, child and family services, refugee services, aging, substance abuse disorder, and a range of other community-based needs.

Eccovia Solutions has developed an internal fund to entertain the acquisition of technology and service companies that fit in this compelling, broad-based but highly-targeted strategy for helping local and state governments achieve seamless and integrated Health and Human services data management—collecting, organizing, and managing social determinants of health data for a nationwide platform. With the ultimate goal of introducing new efficiency, productivity, and compliance, Eccovia Solutions is eager to speak with like-minded firms to join us in this endeavor.

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