EVV Mandate Deadlines for PCS and HHCS Programs Under 1915 Waivers

Care coordination is not just a best practice; it’s an essential component of our modern healthcare system. Many programs, such as patient care services (PCS) and home health care services (HHCS) would struggle to function effectively without the advantages of care coordination. Many PCS and HHCS programs operate under a waiver program, such as Section 1915(c) Home and Community-Based Waiver program (HCBS), which provides states the ability to serve their own populations as they see fit and still stay in compliance with federal mandates and guidelines. One such mandate, the 21st Century Cures Act, has directed that states implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems for Medicaid PCS and HHCS efforts, and care coordination provides a critical piece in providing and reporting on EVV efforts.

EVV MandateThe EVV mandate requires states to implement EVV solutions for PCS care by January 1, 2020 and HHCS care by January 1, 2023 or face potential reductions to Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FAMP) funds. EVV technologies create several benefits and opportunities for providers, including the ability to verify and track the date, time, length, and patient of a home-based care visit. The data gathered through the EVV is invaluable in care coordination and helps improve provider efforts. Additionally, EVV is a powerful tool in preventing and limiting Medicaid fraud.

States and communities nation-wide continue to recognize the benefits of the community-based efforts offered with PCS and HHCS initiatives, and the advances in technologies—such as EVV—demonstrate opportunities to advance home-based healthcare. Eccovia Solutions is a proud partner and ally in providing the technology infrastructure necessary to coordinate care efforts and provide the community connections to provide optimal care. Learn more

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