What’s in a Name? ClientTrack is Still the Software but the Name is Eccovia

Would you use a Web site named “BackRub”? While it might sound like a good place to get a massage it was actually the former name of a search engine you might know today as . . . Google (which, it turns out, can help you find a good place to get a massage!).

The point is, sometimes a name change is a good thing. Which is why we announced today that we are changing our company name from ClientTrack to Eccovia. Like Google, our name change marks growth into new territory.What's in a name ClientTrack changing name to Eccovia Solutions

For twenty years ClientTrack has provided the social services industry with superior case management software and tools. Now we see our system being used outside the traditional scope of social services, particularly in the convergence of healthcare and human services. In these new industries the person receiving services is more commonly referred to as a “patient” rather than a “client.” The switch to Eccovia allows us to be more inclusive of all organizations across multiple industries who have a need for superior case management, electronic health records, and data visualization tools that span traditional boundaries of care delivery.

You can read more about the name change in our press release.

Thanks for joining us along the journey from ClientTrack to Eccovia!

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