Webinar: The City of Topeka Mobile Outreach for Encampments

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Presented by Eccovia and the City of Topeka

Mobile Readiness, Homeless Encampments, and Police Outreach

In this webinar, Eccovia and its client, the City of Topeka, will discover how its homeless services and law enforcement are compassionately addressing homeless encampments with mobile readiness and assistive outreach. You’ll even learn how the ClientTrack case management system is adding a custom workflow to address public safety, population health, and intake assessment!

In our upcoming webinar (date and time TBA) the City of Topeka will address communities who want to learn about:

Data governance—Safeguarding clients’ data not only for regulatory compliance but also for building client trust and cooperation

Positive collaboration with law enforcement—Working with police to help serve people experiencing homelessness

Mobile service delivery—Taking needed services to the people who need them


Join us for our special webinar highlight with the City of Topeka and the collaborative work between their homeless services program and the city’s police department.

Date/Time TBA
1-hour webinar

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the City of Topeka

The City of Topeka serves the dual role of the Continuum of Care (CoC) lead and the HMIS lead for Topeka Shawnee County, having inherited the HMIS lead position several years prior to 2021. Around this same time, the City transferred from their previous HMIS system to Eccovia’s ClientTrack HMIS Platform.