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Refugee Resettlement

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Resettlement Agencies
Help Their Clients

Refugee service organizations are faced with complex workflows, time-sensitive compliance, and intense care coordination—all in the service of asylum seekers, immigrants, refugees, and other groups who are experiencing a delicate transition in their lives.

That’s where ClientTrack for refugee services comes in.


Meets or exceeds all HUD-mandated security and privacy requirements


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Fulfills all VAWA reporting requirements


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Fulfills all VOCA reporting requirements


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Satisfies or exceeds all HIPAA requirements for privacy

A HUD-Compliant Alternative to HMIS

No Messy Excel spreadsheets or time-consuming minutiae. ClientTrack lightens your burden.

Our Comparable Database ClientTrack offers Victim Service Providers a HUD-compliant Comparable Database that meets all required and recommended privacy and security guidelines, while providing easy, push-button reporting for HUD-funded projects.

Trusted, Best of Class Security

ClientTrack’s redundant, multi-layered data security gives your clients the best protection possible.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, our Comparable Database is backed by Microsoft’s industry-best cybersecurity resources. All data is secure in transit and at rest, with configurable protocols that restrict access to anyone in your organization not expressly authorized by your own administrators.

Tell the Story of your Success with Reports Defined by You

Make the best case possible to funding sources and get superior data insight to make sure nobody falls through the cracks.

In addition to standard reports, ClientTrack’s Data Explorer enables you to build custom reports to query whatever data you need. Showcase your outcomes with reports, graphs, and charts to prove the effectiveness of your programs to your community and stakeholders.

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ClientTrack empowers you to track your clients and the key indicators to their progress on the road to independence.

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