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As a refugee resettlement organization, your work with these vulnerable populations is as important as it is complicated. Let us help. ClientTrack is the leading case management software for refugee resettlement, and our powerful solutions make data, analytics, and reporting easier than ever. With care coordination central to ClientTrack’s platform, you can seamlessly work with other community services to help your clients find the success they need. 

Check out some of our key features to see how ClientTrack can help you reach your goals. We’re in this together. 

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Refugee Resettlement Software

ClientTrack Features for Refugee Resettlement Agencies

What are the features you’re looking for in case management?

Chances are, you’re in need of a powerful database that not only keeps effective records of your clients, but helps you coordinate with community resources and generate comprehensive reports. ClientTrack can do that for you–and more. Features include:

  • Advanced Case Management
  • Comprehensive Care Plan Development
  • Care Team Management
  • Referral Management
  • Prioritization and Risk Stratification

YMCA of Houston/South Texas Office of Refugees Testimonial

Key Features:

Streamlined Intake

Streamlined intake process that captures all the data points required by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)

Check Approval Process

Special features designed for the Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) program including the RCA check approval process

Advanced Features

Advance case management features for the Refugee Support Services (RSS) including FSSP assessment, barriers, goals, case notes, and referrals

Employment Features

Features for employment programs including employability assessment, work history, job placement, employment exemption, and employment follow-ups

Class Modules

Class and attendance modules designed for the English Language Training (ELT) program, cultural orientations, and employment orientations

Health Features

Features for the Refugee Health programs including health screening, health history assessment, and vaccination records

Flexible Tools

Flexible reporting tools for the ORR report including ORR-5 and ORR-6 reports

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