Care Coordination Software

A Living Breathing Comprehensive Care Plan

All across the country, communities work to address the needs of their most vulnerable members. Due to the historically fragmented model of care, critical services are often split up among a variety of programs and providers that are often not in contact.

This siloed approach subjects individuals to overlapping and non-coordinated care plans, resulting in increased provider costs while achieving poorer health outcomes.
Health and human services agencies are working to transition to a better approach. Care coordination breaks down the barriers dividing primary care, behavioral health, and community-based organizations that, together, provide the services necessary to truly improve outcomes for high-needs individuals.


Care Coordination Software

ClientTrack Care Coordination

ClientTrack helps bridge the gap between fragmented and siloed elements of care management, bringing all payers, providers, and community resources into a single system. ClientTrack provides everything you need for:

  • Advanced Case Management
  • Comprehensive Care Plan Development
  • Care Team Management
  • Referral Management
  • Prioritization and Risk Stratification

Coordinated Systems of Care

Whole Person Care Community

Key Features:

Single point of entry for all data collection

Configurable health and social assessments

Referral network management

Closed loop referral tracking

Comprehensive longitudinal care planning

Federal and state compliance reporting

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