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Georgia Department of Community Affairs Selects Eccovia for their statewide HMIS

SALT LAKE CITY-January 3, 2017-Eccovia, a leading provider of health and human services cloud-based case management solutions, announced today that they were selected by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to implement a statewide Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). The statewide HMIS database will incorporate 1,800 users in 450 agencies across eight Continuums of Care (CoC).

Georgia is dedicated to using data to reduce homelessness and improved coordination of care and services for individuals experiencing homelessness in Georgia. Georgia selected ClientTrack HMIS in order to improve the ability to track their clients, streamline intake processes, provide data visibility between Continuums of Care (CoC) and ensure compliance with the HUD HMIS Data Standards.

ClientTrack HMIS is an advanced case management and housing solution that focuses on meeting the needs of HMIS continuum member agencies. ClientTrack HMIS plays a critical role in supporting homeless services organizations and continuums of care across the U.S. (including three of the five cities with the largest homeless populations).

“We are on a tight deadline for getting our state HMIS up and running,” said Jeanette Pollock, Special Projects Manager for the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. “The Eccovia Solutions team has been very helpful in setting the project up for success.” Pollock continued, “ClientTrack HMIS will enable us to track individuals across Georgia and get a complete picture of what it will take to end their homelessness.”

“We are excited to partner with Georgia in their efforts to improve care and outcomes for individuals experiencing homelessness throughout the state,” said Carl Champagne, CEO of Eccovia Solutions. “For over two decades ClientTrack HMIS has enabled HMIS continuum member agencies to gather better information about people experiencing homelessness, improve client outcomes and maintain compliance with HUD Data Standards.”

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