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SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eccovia Solutions announced today that its ClientTrack Community Care Coordination platform has been selected by an innovative, first-in-class Houston-based behavioral health nonprofit as the delivery platform for a major initiative. The Network of Behavioral Health Providers (NBHP) selected ClientTrack for their Community Coordination of Care (C3) pilot project that brings together medical, behavioral health, and social service organizations to create an integrated service delivery network for people with a diagnosed mental illness and who live in low-income households.

Local agencies are under pressure to meet prescribed state, federal, payer, and charitable goals under emerging value-based care metrics. The ability to share information and coordinate the care of all providers in a common platform is essential in meeting such goals.

The C3 Workgroup identified several criteria, from the implementation of a universal intake form to collaborative care plans to facilitate referrals, appointment tracking, communication alerts and the DLA-20 form tracking client progress.

“Upon completing several demos, the vendors were evaluated upon general features like security, as well as their ability to complete identified service delivery scenarios,” said Andrea Usanga, Executive Director of NBHP. “ClientTrack ultimately was selected due to its robust features, strong security, flexibility, smart workflow, and ability to integrate with other systems, including 211.”

Eccovia CEO Carl Champagne said that the NBHP selection committee cited ClientTrack’s ability to best meet several outlined scenarios in the RFP, such as data sharing following a “no wrong door” model. Eccovia Solutions’ years of experience collecting, managing and tracking social determinant of health data over time undoubtedly was a factor.

“ClientTrack will enable participating organizations to share client data, develop joint care plans, and communicate regarding client progress,” said Champagne.

The NBHP pilot will deliver wide-ranging general medicine, behavioral, and social services to improve outcomes and reduce costs by addressing social determinants of health (SDoH). While the focus of the pilot project is on people with a mental health diagnosis, any linked substance use issues (such as opioid abuse) are also likely to be improved as well, according to the NBHP. The pilot project plans to serve 300 patients over two years.

About Eccovia Solutions:

Eccovia Solutions provides industry-leading case management and community care coordination platform for state agencies, ACO/MCOs, Medicaid Waiver programs, community-based providers, and other human service entities. Our platform helps caseworkers and care providers collaborate across the spectrum of service delivery to address the physical, behavioral, and economic factors that impact health outcomes.

About NBHP:

The Network of Behavioral Health Providers (NBHP) is a nonprofit organization in Houston, TX. The Network’s membership consists of 40+ mental health and substance use disorder service providers in the greater Houston area. The purpose of the Network is to provide a forum for the behavioral health leaders in the community to work together on issues of common concern. Working on its own and in partnership with other entities at both the local and state levels, the Network has become a strong voice on behalf of behavioral health service providers and the individuals they serve.

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