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Eccovia has been at the forefront of the transition of Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) from program to person-centric systems that help service organizations identify and address the specific needs of those experiencing homelessness. Our team is headed by industry experts and thought leaders with many decades of collective experience in HMIS and HUD requirements, supporting Continuums of Care (CoC) running the gamut from rural, urban, and statewide/ balance of state implementations.

ClientTrack Platform HMIS compliance isn’t enough on its own—CoCs require the flexibility to adapt to new business needs, to scale and grow, and adapt to ever-changing requirements. They need powerful ad-hoc reporting abilities for actionable data so they can anticipate needs before they become crises. With ClientTrack’s powerful Designer Toolset and reporting tools that allow you to build out new functionality and custom reports, you get more than just an HMIS. You get a secure, responsive platform that can serve your future needs and add value over time without adding cost.

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