Reporting Software For Social Work Case Management

With a sophisticated set of enterprise reporting features, ClientTrack aligns case management data and the insights derived from it to drive performance improvement and yield better outcomes.

What Sets Us Apart

Reporting and Dashboards In addition to our library of pre-built reports, which satisfy the most common reporting needs, ClientTrack provides Data Explorer, an ad hoc query tool that can run customized queries using criteria selected by the user. Further, system dashboards can be configured by user and role to display key department metrics in real time.

ClientTrack utilizes reporting groups to simplify monitoring and analysis across defined reporting structures. Reporting groups may be defined by user role, program, facility, funding source, location, internal reporting structure, or other user-defined group. Restricting reporting access based on the user role maintains data security and client privacy while supporting internal organizational policies that define who may view restricted information.

ClientTrack makes it easy to aggregate data across groups for easy comparison and analysis. Reporting parameters can be selected based on multiple groups, programs, diagnoses, facilities, geographic region, or other desired criteria.

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Key Features

Data Security

ClientTrack is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, providing high-level technical safeguards aligned with HIPAA, HITECH, 42 CFR, etc. Communities can associate specific types of data with consent. ClientTrack is encrypted at rest and in transit using no less than 128- bit encryption and uses SSL/TLS protocols to protect authentication, authorization, and file transfers.

User Activity

User-based activity reporting helps administrators understand how, when, and by whom the system is being used. User activity within ClientTrack is logged so administrators can run user-based reports.

Data Import/Export

Data can be imported from and exported to external data systems. Whether serving as the main data repository or as a data source feeding an external system, ClientTrack facilitates easy access to critical information.

User Permissions

User roles have assigned permission levels that enable access to system resources. Organizations can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive information.

Data Drill-down

Data drill-down allows the user to start with the “big picture” and progressively narrow the data window to understand what is happening at the underlying levels that make up the larger data set.


Filtering makes it easier to work with any data, allowing rapid elimination or exclusion of certain results, or to group data by a common characteristic. Filtering can also be used to facilitate side-by-side comparisons of providers, programs, facilities, etc.

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