Evolving Healthcare Delivery Models Demand Community Care Coordination

Despite spending more on healthcare than other countries, U.S. health outcomes are worse. Pressed to improve both cost and outcomes, the healthcare system is shifting away from an illness-focused model toward a wellness-driven model that encompasses all aspects of an individual’s health and emphasizes preventive care to keep costs manageable.

With funding for innovation available through sources like Medicaid waivers and the Accountable Health Communities Model, states, counties, and other health and human service collaborations are uniquely positioned to design and test new initiatives that support healthier individuals, families, and communities. Emerging healthcare delivery models involve providers across health, behavioral health, and social supports collaborating together to deliver whole person care. A patient’s interaction across the continuum of providers is recorded and shared among all participants. States who have introduced innovative care delivery models include California, New Hampshire, and Colorado, among others.

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