Co-Responder Case Management

Bridging The Gap Between Public Safety and Social Services

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Case Management Built with Compliance and Data Security

Discover how ClientTrack Case Management can empower you to provide your community with a solution that supports the work of officers and co-responders in one safe platform.

Using ClientTrack
as a Co-Resonder

co-responder live assessments

Live Assessments: The cloud-based application allows you to capture live assessments in the field on any device, even mobile devices.

co-responder incident tracking

Incident Tracking: ClientTrack’s incident tracking capabilities help you keep a record of an individual’s history and paint a better picture of needs and potential obstacles.

co-responder case management

Case Management: Help individuals achieve better outcomes through comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant case management system.

co-responder mental health

Mental Health Assessments: ClientTrack’s assessments, including PHQ-9 and Aces, facilitate quick capture of an individual’s mental and behavioral health.

co-responder reporting

Reporting: ClientTrack’s reporting suite makes data easily accessible for officers and co-responders (i.e., community response teams, social workers, and other emergency services).

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