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Why Social Work is Essential

This year’s theme for National Social Work Month is “Social Workers are Essential”. Did you know that social work extends far beyond the Department of Social Services? With over 700,000 active social workers in the US, this industry is essential for many communities’ function and survival.

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3 Signs You Need Better Case Management

Running a health and human services organization can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Often, case management processes—like entering data into spreadsheets, creating reports, and handling clientele growth—can slow down organization effectiveness. Be aware of the signs that show it may be time to upgrade to a more functional case management system.

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Five Women Who Made History in Social Work

Did you know March is Women’s History Month and Social Work Month? Women have been and continue to be crucial to the work of health and human services organizations. Check out these five influential women who helped shape social work into what it is today.

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The Case for Universal School Lunch

How can food and nutrition programs best combat child hunger? The COVID-19 pandemic has opened the path for one possible solution: universal school lunch. Advocates pushing for a long-term implementation cite the academic and health benefits of such programs.

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HIV and COVID-19: The Need for Care Coordination

Despite being high-risk for COVID-19 complication, HIV/AIDS patients still experience challenges in obtaining the care they need. As organizations better understand the relationship between HIV and the coronavirus, it emphasizes the need for community care coordination.

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Is Your Program Screening for Mental Health?

Have you been screened for mental health? Despite its growing prevalence, mental and behavioral health are not often screened by healthcare providers. However, implementing these screenings into health and human service organizations can have profoundly positive effects for individuals and families.

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