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As a leading vendor  of HMIS software, Eccovia has been at the forefront of helping communities end homelessness for over twenty years. The ClientTrack platform is an easy-to-use cloud-based application designed to track the needs and progress of homeless individuals, measure service program and CoC performance, and meet the latest HUD HMIS data standards while providing a consistent, user-friendly experience across the entire user base.

HMIS Software

Our Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Software

ClientTrack offers up-to-date compliance for all HMIS data collection stages, including intake, annual assessments, updates, and exit. These and other assessments are used to address all aspects of chronic homelessness, including the social determinants of health.

ClientTrack is deployed and managed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, ensuring the highest levels of security, scalability, and compliance. Our security model enables organizations to set rules for sharing data across programs and between multiple agencies. In addition, all information is encrypted and protected with multiple levels of data security to enable compliance with the data protection and confidentiality standards required by HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 for substance use data.

How It Works

Key Features:

Configurable Assessments

The ClientTrack Core HMIS solution includes out of the box, up to date compliance for all HMIS data collection stages including intake, annual assessment, update, and exit. ClientTrack comes standard with VI-SPDAT and SPDAT Assessments. The ClientTrack Design Tools also enable your system administrator (admin) to configure local assessments and integrate them in workflows with conditional logic. to create workflows which integrate forms (static data collection), assessments (point-in-time data collection) and process-driven logic into a user-friendly interface which allows the capture of information, documentation, tasks and activities.

Flexible Coordinated Entry

Many CoCs now require all assessments and referrals for homeless individuals to go through ClientTrack for Coordinated Entry so they can systematically match people with person-centered services based on need and vulnerability. We work closely with CoCs to expand the collection of data through a Coordinated Entry System that connects community partners, such as, outreach workers, law enforcement personnel, code enforcement personnel, library and park and recreation center staff, faith-based organizations, and non-profit organizations. After a client’s information is put in a Coordinated Entry Assessment, the case manager can prioritize services and then generate a referral in real-time for the best program.

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