Is My Comparable Database Secure?

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For any VSP (Victim Service Provider), a top concern should always be security. This is for more than ensuring funding—it comes down to protecting the people in their care from those that would do them harm. But how secure is your Comparable Database?

Security, Security, Security

For every health and human service organization worker, this thought has likely crossed their mind: is my case management system or Comparable Database secure?

For Victim Service Providers (VSPs), this question may come up even more frequently. It’s not hard to see why—VSPs work with data that, if breached, could put those they serve at heightened risk of harm. Additionally, funding from sources like the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) hinges on strict adherence to security standards for many of these organizations.

At Eccovia, we are dedicated to helping VSPs take control of their data security. This includes preventing security breaches, mitigating crises, and remaining updated on the latest security standards. If there’s one thing that VSPs deserve, it’s having confidence in the security of their Comparable Database.

Is My Comparable Database Secure?

Let’s get straight to the point: how can you know if your Comparable Database is secure? It usually comes down to your case management provider. The system that holds and manages your client data is responsible for keeping it secure. 

We recommend beginning with an assessment of your current Comparable Database. A good place to start is with the provider themselves—don’t be afraid to ask what security measures they have in place. However, be wary that not all case management platforms are up front about how secure their data truly is. 

If your VSP or other HHS organization is not currently using a Comparable Database provider but instead relies on self-managed systems through spreadsheets or cloud documents, your security and privacy is likely at risk. Don’t overestimate how secure these platforms are, and don’t underestimate the value of upgrading to a vendor that specializes in Comparable Databases. Such honest assessment can make the difference between security and disaster.

Strong Data Security: What To Look For

In one of our earlier blog posts, we highlight five general signs of data security in case management. While this is worth a read all on its own, here is an overview of the signs you should look for:

  1. Data Confidentiality
  2. Notice and Training
  3. Incident Reporting and Response
  4. Minimum Necessary Rule
  5. Annual Review

While each of the above characteristics are essential for any type of case management system, VSPs should not stop their assessment here. Most VSPs are required to use an even more secure system of data storage, known as Comparable Databases (you can learn more about them here). For these, it is essential to walk through the security checklist provided by HUD. 

How One VSP Found Security and Success

Sometimes, when assessing security for VSPs, it’s easier to look at what is working for these organizations rather than what is not.

Safe Horizon, the nation’s leading victim assistance organization, has been using ClientTrack® to achieve their goals, increase their services, and secure funding, all while keeping their data private and secure. 

“ClientTrack helps us a lot,” says Vicki Royter, AVP of Data Systems and Security for Safe Horizon. “With one data analysis… of agency-wide stats, we can create reports really quickly. It helps us to monitor the integrity of our data. If, for example, a user is entering cases, but not documenting referrals for services, we can see that.”

In our case study of Safe Horizon’s success, the organization credits the Comparable Database’s ability to provide tight security controls. These controls maintain client confidentiality while providing users access to required information as needed. As Safe Horizon continues to serve over 250,000 people annually, they can move forward in their work with peace of mind that ClientTrack is keeping their data safe and secure.

Secure Your Comparable Database Today

If you are concerned about your Comparable Database’s security, or if you’d just like to upgrade your current system to industry-leading standards, we can help you get started. Reach out for a free demo today and let our Comparable Database experts aid you in setting up the best possible case management system for your VSP.

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