Housing for Health Initiatives Drive Lower Costs, Better Care, and Improved Health Outcomes.


One of the great satisfactions we experience as a case management vendor is working with innovative agencies and programs that tackle social issues in new, exciting ways. Two such initiatives are the Housing First and Housing for Health movements, which use stable housing as both a desirable goal and a means to an end.

Housing First and Housing for Health are different initiatives that both seek to place individuals and families in supportive housing as a means for improving the health of homeless individuals and reducing overall costs to organizations. By solving housing issues first, individuals are in a better position to address medical health, substance abuse, behavioral health, employment, and a host of other life issues. Housing First and Housing for Health programs combine housing assistance, case management, and healthcare treatment to achieve better results at reduced cost.

This week, Eccovia Solutions is exhibiting at the National Health Care for the Homeless conference in Portland, Oregon. The National Health Care for the Homeless Council is an organization dedicated to ending homelessness by ensuring comprehensive health care and secure housing for everyone. The conference is an opportunity to explore new ideas and share successful initiatives that have worked to reduce homelessness and improve the health of program recipients. Successful programs typically combine case management, housing opportunities, and access to medical and behavioral health care.

Housing for Health is a Los Angeles County program that places people in stable housing as a way to achieve improved health outcomes. The program has demonstrated that having stable housing makes it much more likely a person will be able to achieve desired health goals. In addition, even including the cost of the housing and the case management oversight, the program has demonstrated overall cost savings to the system by reducing more expensive care consumption. The Housing for Health program recently selected ClientTrack as their case management platform to direct this vital program.

Providing housing as a way to address the broader social determinants of health shows great promise. Housing initiatives combined with health goals offer the possibility of achieving the IHI triple aim: lower cost, better care, and improved health outcomes. As the idea catches on, we expect to see housing for health programs proliferate across the country.

To continue the discussion, on June 21 we are hosting a free one-hour webinar with Utah HMIS. Utah is well known for adopting a statewide Housing First policy and for its success at reducing chronic homelessness. ClientTrack case management software has played a key role in helping Utah HMIS achieve its goals. Even if you can’t attend the live broadcast, by registering for the webinar you’ll gain access to the slides and recorded webinar.

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